Peachy Keen Times Square New Year’s Eve

Ring in New Years Eve 2023 at Peachy Keen Times Square

Peachy Keen combines ’70s inspiration with a modern twist through high-quality eats, over-the-top sweets and nostalgic cocktails. The colorful, comfortable space captures the spirit of the city with a vibrant atmosphere that still feels familiar and reflects the eclectic styles of this country’s interesting decades.

Making New Year’s Eve 2024 at Peachy Keen the ideal and fun party for those looking to reminisce or experience what dining in Times Square was.

Price increase warning: New Year's Eve ticket prices often go up significantly (100% +) the closer you get to New Years Eve. Also note that many NYE Events will sell out well in advance of New Years Eve. About your Tickets:  (1) Show up early and help reduce the wait time, (2) Make sure to have your physical ticket on hand because you will need to show it to NYPD and security upon request, (3) You accept the risks and agree to adhere to the NYPD rules and regulations for the evening, (4) If you select shipping as your delivery method, tickets will not be sent out until December, (5) A LIVE VIEW of The Ball Drop is not guaranteed. Large crowds should be expected